The magic of an ancient creature reborn in a precious breathtaking sculpture!

Ahton, Keeper of Confidence, is a one and only masterpiece of the highest possible craftsmanship. Incomparable, seductive and captivating in its expression, Ahton stands for the rebirth of an age-old mythical power.

Ahton’s name comes from the language of an old nordic tribe and means The Seeing One or The Thoughtful. Its power ist the one of an inner conviction based on the knowledge of its own strength.

The uncompromised love for details and the rigorous use of only the most precious materials lend this sculpture its unique expressiveness. A dragon’s ark was especially designed as a sophisticated showcase for Ahton. Its mechanism ensures that, if so wished, the dragon remains dwelling in his hiding place, or else comes into view, to the astonishment of the assembled guests.

Ahton represents the credo of Giberg Swiss Noble Forge in its most intriguing and powerful form: to create unique masterpieces of the highest possible quality.